“Ugh…I just want to drink wine and plan parties”

The one thing that gets me hyped, excited and stoked to spend endless hours planning and going over every detail like a crazy person is curating intimate gatherings that bring folks together to make them laugh, share, love and foster a craving to live their best life ever..and a glass of wine puts the cherry (or grape) on top of this crazy cocktail! Recently, I was posting pictures of my Mom’s 60th Birthday Party that I hosted and I realized how happy and surprised Mom was during the party. She was truly overcome with emotion and it took her a few days to come down from all of the excitement. As I posted the pics, I remembered something that I happened the day after my holiday party in mid-December. Once I realized that I had nothing to plan, nothing to create, nothing to shop for, nothing to schedule, I screamed, “I just want to drink wine and plan parties!!” Thus began the hashtag on my Mom’s birthday pics #ijustwannadrinkwineandplanparties. I would love to drink wine and plan parties (DWAPP) all day every day (shout out to OutKast) but I have a 9-5 and a couple of PT jobs that I am passionate about so instead I decided to create this blog…yayy! Warning! I bet you thought this blog was going to be about drinking wine and party planning…yes…but much more than that! It will combine some of my fav things, passions or things that I have a love jones for (still my fav movie to this day) and endless ideas (and support) to help you live your best life EVER!

Shout out to Boisette Wines for a great wine tasting!!


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