Fall with Friends

Bright orange, brick red and brilliant yellow. Finally the leaves have changed and Fall is here! Autumn is a great time to do a little relationship maintenance. Take some time out to reunite with family and friends and enjoy the crisp air and the fragrances of fall. One of my fav parts of fall is switching to the medium and full bodied reds. Cab Francs, Meritage, and Malbecs. I cannot forget about my heavy white fav Viognier. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Delish!

Enjoy lovelies!

Bringing folks together

Outdoor concerts, sunny days at the beach, road trips and family reunions leave little time to relax at home and enjoy the summer. A great way to bring folks together and connect is with an easy meal and a light crisp summer wine. My current favs are rose (“all day!”) and Sauvignon blanc. A great simple and easy meal is a low country seafood boil. Here’s a great article on HGTV’s blog on preparing a seafood boil. Happy summering!

HGTV Seafood Boil

Best Roses of 2018